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Saugeen Springs RV Park ... a river runs through it
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“Hello Catherine, Ron
and family,
Winter is gone, and I am so anxious to get back to your campground.  We have been to many and yours is the nicest we have seen. It is incredible...people tubing that river, it is so beautiful.  Me, being a non swimmer and terrified of water, I was even talked into doing a tube run and I loved it and can hardly wait to do it again.  The park is so clean and so peaceful.  Sitting under the awning with a coffee in the morning or around the campfire at night, it's like the rest of the world doesn't exist.  And on top of all that, there is the warm and friendly greetings from you and your lovely family and - Charlie.  As far as we are concerned, this is the only campground for us. Thank you for making each outing memorable." 

Fran, Dennis & Lacey (dog)
from Gilford, ON

Bethsaida Place Ministries
OPCA - Camping  In Ontario

Good Sam Club



DAILY AT 8:30 am & 4:30 pm you can join us to see the animals being fed. This is a great time to see them up close, learn their names and to pet them. Kaitlyn, Joshua or Judah will be available to answer any of your questions.

We ask that you DO NOT FEED the animals at any time!

The Animal areas are OFF LIMITS after dusk.

Please do not touch any tools, food or tack that is in the supply shed. This is personal property.

Petting Zoo











Zoo News

Meet The Ducks
8 Ducklings were incubated and hatched Spring 2014!

Watch for them at the Ponds or in the River - Please do not feed them.

Meet the Bunnies


Meet the Horses

Breyer, the horse Breyer
Breyer is a 14 year old Belgian. Don’t be alarmed by his size, he may be HUGE but he is one of our friendliest horses. He likes to lick and loves to be petted.  Breyer is now sporting his new blue halter.
Jayde, the horse Jayde
Jayde is our more shy horse and she probably won't come up to you at the fence, but she is just as friendly as the others.  Jayde can be spotted by her bright pink halter.
Jack, the horse Jackson
Jack is a beautiful gentle 14 year old Welsh Pony gelding. He has a beautiful flaxen tail and mane.
Princess, the horse Princess
Princess is our brown and white painted Mini. She is 10 years old. She likes to be pet but she can also be a bit nippy - so watch your fingers!
Angel, the horse Angel
Angel is a brown paint Mini. She is 11 years old and Princess's sister. She loves people and will be right at the fence waiting for you.
Shadow, the horse Shadow
Shadow is our black Mini. He is 19 years old, very friendly and loves to be pet. He, like Angel will also be right at the fence when you come to see them.


Beacon is a 8 year old paint gelding.  He is very loving and affectionate and will love your visits to the horse paddock. 


Storm is a 8 year old paint gelding and the half-brother of Beacon.  The two of them are inseparable

The horses are located in the pasture to the north east of the barn. We ask that you please do not feed them the hay by the fence or your own food from your site. They are fed at certain times everyday and if they are fed too much they can get very sick. Please don’t go in their pens, this is for their safety as well as your own. Horses do not mean to hurt people but if scared or hurt they will defend themselves. WARNING – HORSE FENCE IS ELECTRIC

Meet the Lambs


Miniature Calico Ram


Skylar & Bella
Miniature Calico Ewe

Skylar gave birth to a little girl on April 23, 2011.  She has some beautiful colour and long curly hair.  Mom and baby had a slow start to nursing, but they are both getting the hang of it now and doing quite well.

Gracie & Lily
Miniature Calico Ewe

Gracie gave birth to a little girl on April 20, 2011. 

We are really excited about our first baby lamb born here at Saugeen Springs.

Gracie is being a very good first time mom.

Photo Coming Soon Brooklyn
Miniature Calico Ewe

Meet the Goats

I am not a lamb but a .....Pygmy Goat.  I had a rough start when I was born at the beginning of April 2010, and  I have been hand bottle-fed ever since.  I absolutely love children.  When I am a little older you will be able to buy food and feed me.

Very sad to report that Dexter died on December 26, 2014.  He will be greatly missed by all that visited him!


Meet the Dogs
Jenna, the dog Jenna
Jenna is a sable Collie, 9 years old and a sister to Roxanne (Roxy). She is a hyper girl and loves people, and would love if you would come and pet her at the backyard fence.
roxy, the dog Roxy
9 year old Female black tri Collie, and is Jenna’s sister. Like Jenna she loves attention and would love if someone came to visit her. She looks for any opportunity to escape the backyard, so if she wanders to your site, she doesn’t mean any harm, but should be returned to the office.

Our dogs are kept in our backyard at all times during the Peak Camping Season. They would love a visit at the gate, or petted when they are out for walks. During the off-season they enjoy roaming beyond their backyard. If they do happen to get loose, we ask that you bring them back to the office….and please accept our apologies! All camper dogs must be leashed at all times.

Meet the Cats
Shreddies, the cat Shreddies
Shreddies likes people but also does not like to be crowded with lots of people. We have raised him as a baby when we found him and his siblings in someone’s garden in July 2006; we kept him and his brother Phoenix and found loving homes for the rest of them.

Sputnick was born in July 2011.  You will usually find her darting out of the store/office beware!


We ask that you please do not feed ANY of our animals, feeding them the wrong food can make them very sick.
All of our cats are rescued and can be frightened easily. We ask that you do not chase them trying to catch them and please do not pet them unless they come willingly to you. We have had a cat that was traumatized by people because he was chased. NOTE: All of our male cats are neutered.


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